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"Death is always such a beautiful thing to watch.~" Literate. Not for the kids. Completely in character unless noted. Violent themes ahead.

Female, 34
Sลul, Sลul
Korea (South)

Last Login: April 18, 2018

Characters: Im Yoon-ah
Verses: AU, Crime, Mafia, Mob, N*FW, Mature 18+, Assassin, Violence.
Playbys: ...
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Gore, Mafia, Psychological, Spar/Fighting,


Triad Leader.Golden Dragon of the West.Literate.

Male, 33

Last Login: April 14, 2018

Characters: Sun Shenlong
Verses: Triad, Crime, Supernatural.
Playbys: J. Wang
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Mafia, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Suspense,


Female, 31
Fuck off,
Korea (South)

Last Login: February 06, 2022

Characters: Hinah Lee
Verses: Crime, n*fw themes. Not for the faint of heart,
Playbys: A queen.
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Gore, Mafia, Psychological, Romance, Spar/Fighting, Suspense,

โ˜ฝ Aya

{Original Character} Active writer ooc Friendly Looking for writers

Male, 33
Kumsan, Chungchลngnam
Korea (South)

Last Login: March 16, 2024

Characters: Ayane Park
Verses: Supernatural, Reality, Psychological, Witchcraft, Ouat, Any , Open
Playbys: Are you stupid?
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Crossover, Custom, Psychological, Real Life, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,

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